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Personalized Xbox Water Ripple Night Light Gamertag Sign Dual Base Backlit LED Custom Gaming Gift

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Our night light perfect next to computer or for home decoration and any other place that you would like to decorate it, it is ideal for creating a captivating atmosphere in any place. Perfect gift for streamers and gamers.

This night light is made of high grade optical acrylic. The acrylic slide fits in the base which provides light to illuminate the entire slide from bottom to top. It's quite bright and can be dimmed so as not to be distracting while falling asleep.

Powered by USB cord or 3 AA batteries (not included). Makes no heat and is safe for the little ones to handle. Cost pennies per year to operate.

The touch control on the base can also control the colors Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Teal and White. Each color can be selected by touching the base or set to automatic mode and it will strobe or fade through all the colors. It sounds complicated for adults but the kids will learn it in no time.

The discoloration of the 7-color light does not require a remote control. If you want 16-color discoloration, you can choose to add a remote control. It allows 4 different auto modes for cycling through colors and 7 different fixed colors.

Tip: One remote control can control two bases, you only need to cover one base when you control the other.

Acrylic Dimensions (dual base): 10.7cm * 38.1cm(4.2in * 15in)
LED Stand Dimensions: 3.7cm * 8.4cm(1.5in *3.3in)